The new opening of this plant in Monterrey is intended to continue the international expansion of the company. Tempel Group in the United States, which began with the recent opening of the Houston office. Thus, the monitoring of projects being developed in the solar market on the American continent continues to be strengthened.

Tempel Group will act as a technology and engineering partner, as well as a turnkey service and product provider, providing its US partners with technical assistance for the development and implementation of the project. The design, assembly and supply of communication cabinets for different projects in the energy sector will be the main core business of this new plant located in Monterrey, as Tempel Group has been doing in recent years for its customers in Latin America and Iberia.

The production plant is a two-story industrial warehouse located in the new IBP 200 Industrial Park in the residential, commercial and industrial zone of Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon. The plant also has a 700 m2 warehouse area and 100 m2 of office space.

The main activity of Tempel Group is the distribution of products and development of projects in all aspects of the communication and industrial automation. Among the services offered in the renewable energy sector are the search and supply of products according to customer requirements and equipment integration services. They also perform field installations, carrying out custom made projects.

The global monitoring in different phases of its projects, as well as in the different geographical areas is its main differentiating value, acting according to the needs of its clients.

Mexico's geographic importance
In the Logistics Performance Index ranking of the World Bank, which measures the commercial logistics performance of countries, Mexico is one of the most important countries in the world. Likewise, in the specific case of Latin America it is one of the most important countries, only surpassed by Panama and Chile, countries where Tempel Group also has offices. Mexico is a very important hub in the continent, since its geographical position in North America allows to link Central America with South America.

In the specific case of Monterrey, it is "the largest industrial center" in Mexico because it is home to important global companies, both Mexican and international, and because it has the most productive and qualified labor force in the country.

About Tempel Group
Tempel Group's energy division distributes batteries as well as customized battery packs from the best manufacturers. Specialization in developing energy efficiency solutions has marked its growth in recent years.

Its applications in the fields of UPS, Telecommunications, Security, Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Systems stand out, as well as its extensive experience in energy audits and in the field of photovoltaic systems, BESS, SAIS or UPS.

Tempel Group is a company founded in Barcelona with 44 years of experience, which has developed its activity through four business areas: Energy, Engineering, Consumption and Services and currently has commercial activity in more than 22 countries and its own offices in 18 cities.

The R&D focus and vision is focused on the intelligent development of energy efficiency projects, through a wide range of cutting-edge integrated solutions, which involve the transition to sustainability and the use of clean energy through the integration of traditional technologies with advanced energy management and Internet of Things in all areas.

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