Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gone further thanks to facial recognition. This new technology means that you can enter the shop, choose the product you want and leave without having to go to the checkout to pay, as your face is associated with a card and you pay automatically.

What is the main advantage of this new system?
The main advantage is to make shopping simpler and faster, making the experience more enjoyable for customers, helping to improve efficiency.

The generation of this new business model, within some of the physical shops in the USA, provides a more attractive experience for consumers.

This seems incredible but is already a reality in the USA and Asia where they are spreading unstoppably, as these two markets are much more mature than ours, and the degree of acceptance is very high, especially among the young people who are totally in favour.

How does the application collect data for recognition?
First of all, you have to register via an app. If you want to log in with your face, only the biometric data is stored, the image is never saved in order to protect your privacy.

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