At the annual business meetings held in early April at the Barcelona branch of Tempel Group, they decided on the business and product lines that will be key for 2022 and 2023 for both the Iberian Peninsula and the Latin American countries in which the company is present.

One of these business lines that will be a priority and in which Tempel Group is a specialist is the implementation of comprehensive indoor and outdoor lighting projects for professional use. Faced with the challenge of meeting an ever-increasing demand for efficiency and energy savings, they are clearly committed to the integration of LED technology.

In this way, and thanks to their team of highly qualified professionals, they offer an exclusive and personalised advisory service that manages to adapt their projects to all types of clients and budgets. In addition, due to their extensive experience in the sector and lighting sensitivity, they accompany their clients throughout the entire project execution and after-sales process.

The lighting projects department belonging to Tempel Group's Lighting Division carries out a personalised study based on the needs or shortcomings of each case in order to develop adapted solutions that guarantee an optimal lighting system. As part of this process, they select the product they believe is best suited and carry out energy efficiency and savings studies in order to ensure maximum quality and savings. Finally, as part of their 3D lighting study, they accurately and realistically simulate the result that would be obtained with the implementation of the system to check whether it is an appropriate solution.

The solutions offered by Tempel Group within the strategic plan are focused to be implemented in different sports spaces such as football, padel or tennis courts, multi-sports facilities and swimming pools.

In all the equipment mentioned above, the main objective is to offer adequate visibility for the practice of the different sports. However, they take into account the characteristics of each sport and its lighting needs. Thus, in the case of paddle tennis, the aim is to minimise dazzling effects and uniformity throughout the court; in tennis, the aim is to adapt to the lighting requirements based on the spectators' viewing distance; in swimming pools, as it is an extremely reflective environment, it is essential to achieve a uniform field of vision and high levels of predominantly indirect vertical lighting. Finally, in the case of football pitches, the aim is to provide visual comfort to facilitate viewing of the game and to allow instantaneous switching on and off of floodlights.

In any case, Tempel Group complies with the requirements of the UNE-EN12193 standard in all the sports facilities in which it carries out the lighting installation.

The company's R&D focus and vision is focused on the intelligent development of energy efficiency projects through a wide range of cutting-edge integrated solutions, which involve the transition to sustainability and the use of clean energy through the integration of traditional technologies with advanced energy management technologies and the Internet of Things in the field of lighting.

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